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Knead To De-stress LLC
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  • Feeling Stressed?

    Feeling stressed ?

  • Aches and Pains?

    Aches and pains ?

  • Sore from Workout?

    Sore from a workout ?

Whichever the problem...
Massage is the solution!

About the owner:

Jessie Jones, L.M.T.

Jessie Jones, L.M.T.

      I am a Licensed Massage Therapist and the owner of Knead To De-stress LLC. I opened with the intent of using my knowledge and skills to provide each client with a massage that is tailored to their individual needs.

      We are over-stimulated in our everyday lives with technology and interactions limited to social media. Many of us don't take the time to disconnect and decompress.

      Massage is the perfect opportunity to do just that. Connecting with someone on a deeper level through the simple act of touch is crucial for our well-being. Take the time today to enjoy massage. Your body and mind will thank you for it.


"Jessie Jones has a masterful touch, with the combined ability to be strong and gentle, intuitive, knowledgeable, as well as compassionate.

I have enjoyed a number of massage sessions with Jessie and will continue to return for more.

When it comes to massage, some have a natural ability, the kind that is a part of who they are, while others must learn the art. Jessie was lucky enough to have both, but I guess when you really look at it we are the lucky ones who get to be nutured beneath his skilled hands.

He is an exceptional talent and well worth the time it takes to discover it for yourself."

*~* Brian S. *~*

"I have been to many elite resort spas in Las Vegas and they are not comparable to "Knead To De-stress." Jessie Jones is a professional therapist with the convenience of in-home massage.

His massages are by far the most therapeutic and affordable! His techniques are amazing, comfortable, and relaxing.

I highly recommend Jessie because he is focused on giving a quality massage."

*~* Shannon W. *~*

Since my heart bypass I have a lot of pain still and my body has not been the same since.

I have to take pain pills, anxiety medication and sleeping pills daily.

The day of my massage I did not have to take anything and the following couple of days I did not have to take any anxiety or sleeping medication.

Jesse is very gifted with his craft.

*~* Charles G *~*

One word: mastery. I've had several massages in my life and never been motivated to write about it.

He is the first one that really shows expertise and thoroughness.

I went in with a knotty sore back and feel great now.

*~* Ryan G. *~*
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